The Krone is a 5 x 43 corona and is the
latest and final size of the Quesada Oktoberfest made for national
distribution.  “Krone” is the German
translation for “corona”, which is the Spanish word for “crown.” Only
500 boxes will be made for sale at the IPCPR.  The MSRP will be set at

Here is a list of 2013’s Oktoberfest sizes and production:

Uber 6 x 65: 1,000 boxes of 20
Das Boot 6 x 52 (torpedo):  500 boxes
Kaiser Ludwig 6 x 49 (box pressed): 500 boxes
Bavarian 5.5 x 52: 1000 boxes
Kurz 4 x 50: 500 boxes
Krone 5 x 43: 500 boxes

On the new size Terence Reilly of S.A.G. Imports said:  “We have had a lot of aficionados
show excitement for the Oktoberfest but felt the brand lacked a smaller
vitola which they enjoy smoking most. Consequently,  we felt a corona
would give us the one size we were missing in our quest to ensure we can
meet the needs of both the more traditional vitola smokers as well as
those who prefer the bigger ring gauge cigars which are presently very

Source: This press release was sent from S.A.G. Imports. Cigar Coop will print press releases as a free service to cigar companies that choose to send us press releases.