Welcome to our 2013 IPCPR Trade Show Preview.  We are providing a preview into the cigar industry’s biggest event – the 2013 IPCPR Trade Show that begins on July 14th. Today we wrap up our 2013 series with the second of two reports in which we take a “virtual walk” of the show floor and look at what to expect at the show booths. 

The first three parts of our 2013 IPCPR Preview Series took a more strategic view of what to expect at the 2013 IPCPR Trade Show.  In Part 4, we got more tactical looking at some of the key manufacturers and look at what to expect at their booths at the trade show.  In Part 5 we look at some more companies and review what their trade show plans are and what to expect.  While this wraps up our feature story preview series, our coverage will continue throughout July with further announcements.

Note: We have added two additional installments since authoring this article.

A.J. Fernandez Cigars

Booth: 0434 – 0441, 0534 – 0541

The company has dropped hints of a couple of cigars, but has been quiet in terms of the details. One cigar is a limited edition called Raca Taca. The other is called Mayimbe.  

Alec Bradley

Booth: 1222 – 1226, 1322 – 1326, 1422 – 1426, 1522 – 1526

Alec Bradley has been known to hold many of their announcements either to the last moment, or at the trade show itself.  However this year, word has been revealed that the Alec Bradley Mundial will be one of the cigars launched by the company.

The company has said that there are more announcements to come.  There have been some strong indications that the Alec Bradley Fine and Rare will be returning with a 2013 edition.  Last year the Fine and Rare 2012 was literally kept sealed in its humidor box, so the cigars were not on display and we did not know details until post IPCPR.

In addition to the Mundial, the company has indicated there will be more announcements to come. 

Altadis USA

Booth: 0722 – 0731, 0822 – 0831,  0922 – 0931, 1022 – 1031

Altadis has been very tight lipped on their 2013 IPCPR plans.  We do know there is a new version of the H. Upmann Legacy is planned in a 6 x 60.  On the 6/1/13 Cigar Dave Show Altadis Vice President Janelle Rosenfeld mentioned plans for a couple of Nicaraguan puros.

On the 7/6/13 Cigar Dave Show he noted that Atladis was planning a new Montecristo, but no details were disclosed.

Ashton Cigars

Booth: 0310 – 0319, 0410 – 0419, 0510 – 0519

The company is planning a new blend to its San Cristobal line called the San Cristobal Revelation. The other one will be the fifth vitola being added to the Ashton ESG line called the Ashton ESG 24 Year Salute.

Avo Cigars

Booth: 1010 -1019, 1110 -1119, 1210 -1219, 1310 -1319, 1410 -1419

Avo Cigars will be a part of the Davidoff booth.  Word is the Avo line will launch a new cigar called the Avo 88.  Details are not known at this time.  Earlier this year the company announced a box-press cigar called Avo Movement will be made available to TAA retailers.  No word if the latter cigar will be showcased.

C & C Cigars

Booth: 604, 1605, 1606, 1607, 1704, 1705, 1706, 1707

This is the company launched by Joe and Mike Chiusano. 2013 marks the third year the company will be at the trade show.  Earlier this year the company released the Loose Cannon line. This was a line that was announced at the 2012 IPCPR Trade Show.  

The Cigar Authority is reporting a line of machine made cigars that require no humidification will be launched at the trade show.

There has been no word on whether the company will announce new products or line extensions around their premium lines.

Davidoff of Geneva

Booth: 1010 -1019, 1110 -1119, 1210 -1219, 1310 -1319, 1410 -1419

No doubt the big focus at Davidoff is going to be around the new Davidoff Nicaragua.  The company also has recently unveiled the new Davidoff Masters Edition Club House Toro and Zino Collector’s Edition Make of New York series.  Recently the company has mentioned plans for a limited edition Year of the Horse (following up their Year of the Snake) and two 25th anniversary cigars.  The word is these cigars will be available for pre-order.  Year of the Horse is being reported as a 6 x 60 cigar that will also carry a $30.00 price point like the Year of the Snake.

Meanwhile Camacho and Room 101 (which we covered in our last report) will have an active show.  Some star power with Mike Ditka and Rob Weiss will be present.  Expect the new release of The Griffins Casino Special Edition to most likely be on display.

Davidoff Master Blender Henke Kelner’s son Hendrick Kelner, Jr. is launching Smoking Jacket Cigars.  The cigars will be at Kelner, Jr’s KBF factory.  Smoking Jacket Cigars will be distributed by Davidoff and will be a part of the booth.

Finally, the company will host its second annual Golden Band Awards to recognize its retailers.

Dona Flor USA

Booth: 3340

Last year, it was announced that Dona Flor USA would be introducing the Dona Flor line made by Menendez Amerino into the U.S. market.  Menendez Amerino focuses on Brazilian made and Brazilian tobacco cigars.  For 2013, the company will introduce another Menendez Amerino line – the Alonso Menendez into the U.S. market.  The company is also planning on introducing a limited edition cigar called the Precioso 36 Edição Limitada to the trade show.

Drew Estate

Booth: 0247 – 0252, 0347 – 0352, 0447 – 0452, 0547 – 0552, 0647 – 0652, 0747 – 0752

This past week much information came in on what Jonathan Drew, Marvin Samuel, Steve Saka and company are planning on doing.

The MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured Tobacco was announced back in April and it has been said it will be showcased at the trade show.   This has been a project in the works by Drew Estate for several years involving the use of Fire Cured tobacco.  On the core MUWAT line, the company announced a 7 x 70 line extension.

Meanwhile, the other big announcement is the launch of a new line called Nica Rustica.  This cigar will debut a price point under $7.00 and will be launched in one size.

As for any word on the Willy Herrera maduro cigars, no announcement has been made.

Finally, the Heavenly Cigar Group will be a part of the Drew Estate group.  It was recently announced that Drew Estate had Heavenly.

E.P. Carrillo

Booth: 3204 – 3207, 3304 – 3307, 3404 – 3407, 3504 – 3507

It looks like 2013 will be another big year for Ernesto Perez Carrillo’s fifth year company.  The company is planning on launching a new cigar called the E-Stunner.  There has been no word if a planned cigar called Perez-Carrillo will make it to the trade show.  Finally expect the highly successful Inch line to continue to be showcased as the company has recently added a 7 x 70.

The company recently launched a cigar called Generosos for Casa de Montecristo in Chicago. For now that cigar appears to be staying at Casa de Montecristo and we are guessing it probably will not be at the show.

Elogio Cigars

Booth: 1849

Elogio Cigars is a true vertically integrated boutique company run by Nabil and Rosaline Sabbah’s of Wichita, Kansas.  Elogio is a small company and has limited production, however the cigars have developed an enormous following in the industry.

For the past couple of years, Elogio has brought new product to the show A recent facebook post indicated that something is in the works for the 2013 show.  No details have been disclosed at this time.

Emilio Cigars

Booth: 1756 – 1757

This is the first  IPCPR for the company that steers the House of Emilio distribution arm.  Last year, we identified Emilio as one of our 2012 Five Boutiques to Watch.  This year, the whole House of Emilio was identified as one of our 2013 Five Spotlight Entities.

It appears that the 2013 IPCPR will be busy for Emilio Cigars.  We did mention the company is planning on releasing the new Draig Cayuquero and Mia Dora.  Since then the company has announced the long awaited Carpe Noctem is going to be released this Fall.  The company is also planning on launching the third entry in the La Musa line – the La Musa Aoide.  There is no word on whether the latter two cigars will be showcased, but it is anticipated the company will take orders for them.

Esteban Carreras

Booth: 3646, 3647, 3648, 3649, 3650

Craig Cunningham’s company have been a mainstay at IPCPR for several years.  While the company has not announced any specific plans, they have gone into the past few trade shows with a new product.  Last year the company launched the Chupa Cabra which has built up a solid following among cigar enthusiasts.


Booth: 3210, 3211, 3310, 3311, 3312, 3313, 3314, 3315, 3316, 3317, 3318, 3319

The company has been pretty quiet on their plans, but many are still awaiting their 100th Anniversary commemorative cigars that were delayed last year.

General Cigar Company

Booth: 2410- 2419, 2510- 2519, 2610- 2619, 2710- 2719, 2810- 2819

While announcements have been quiet from General Cigar Company, one thing is for certain, there will be a ton of activity at the booth.  General has always set up one of the more elaborate booths at the trade show and we don’t expect anything different.

We actually know very little.  We have heard La Gloria Cubana is launching a new cigar at the show.   Last year, Michael Giannini hinted that more of the “Foundry” story was coming, so we could expect to hear something this week.  Our guess is expect something out of the Macanudo brand. Every trade show has featured something around Macanudo and 2013 most likely will be no exception.

We have been told CAO will be active.    The past twelve months have already been the most active since General Cigar Company acquired them.   The company recently launched a new addition to its Flavours series called American Slyce.  We were told to expect more announcements.

Dunhill (a brand distributed by General) has been somewhat active.  They announced a line extension to its Aged Reserve line called Calatos.  Earlier this year, when the Dunhill Aged Reserva Especial 2003 we were told it would be a busy year, so it will be interesting to see what to expect.

Global Premium Cigars

Booth: 1656, 1657

This is the company behind 1502 cigars and is a member of the House of Emilio family.  The House of Emilio was one of our 2013 Five Spotlight Entities for the 2013 IPCPR Trade Show.

On a recent appearance on the Half Ashed Show, Nate McIntyre, National Sales Manager for House of Emilio said 1502 will be introducing line extensions to its blends.  At press time, there has been no confirmation what these extensions are – or what the blends getting new vitolas are.

Guayacan Cigars

Booth: 1660

This is another company that is a member of the House of Emilio family.  As we mentioned, the House of Emilio is one of our Five Spotlight Entities for the 2013 IPCPR Trade Show.

The company has one cigar right now, it is expected to be showcasing a new maduro cigar.  It will be interesting to see if this cigar makes it to the show.

Gurkha Cigar Group

Booth: 2622 – 2626, 2722 – 2726, 2822 – 2826, 2922 – 2926, 3022 – 3026, 3122 – 3126

It seems like Gurkha’s subsidiary, the East India Trading Company will be very busy at the trade show. The subsidiary is planning on two new launches – the Rogue and the value priced Prize Fighter.  Word is the Rogue might be showing up at select retailers prior to the trade show.

Things have been a little quieter for the parent company Gurkha.  We do know the company mentioned a limited release called the Gurkha Cellar Reserve Limitada.  Not many details were disclosed, but when the announcement came, the intent was to showcase this cigar at the 2013 IPCPR Trade Show.

Illusione Cigars

Booth: 2147 – 2150

Last year, Dion Giolito and his team were very quiet going into the show.  Illusione made a decision in 2012 to stay status quo and not release anything.  In fact, the company made a decision to return to simplicity and not display product.  Things remain equally as quiet as the company has not disclosed their plans.  No doubt the red hot Illusione Rothchildes will be a cigar a lot of people will be inquiring about.

Obviously one big question will be whether or not we see an Illusione Singulare 2013.   This one we will have to wait and see.

JC Newman Cigar Company

Booth: 3410 – 3419, 3510, 3511

Things have been quiet with the Newmans.  There has been talk of a Ponce de Leon cigar in the works, but there is no word whether or not this cigar will be released or not.  Earlier this year, the company released the long awaited Perla del Mar cigar.

Joya de Nicaragua

Booth: 0247 – 0252, 0347 – 0352, 0447 – 0452, 0547 – 0552, 0647 – 0652, 0747 – 0752 (Drew Estate)

Last year, Joya de Nicaragua launched the CyB (at the time the Cuenca y Blanco).  It proved to be one of the hits of the 2012 IPCPR Trade Show.  The company has been pretty quiet since that launch, only announcing a line extension to CyB in a lancero format that is being offered to TAA retailers.

Joya de Nicaragua Senior Vice President Jose Blanco has been playing with some test blends, but there has been nothing announced.  If a new blend or another line extension is launched, it will probably catch some people by surprise.

The company has focused a lot of the past year on making a lot of changes in terms of operations and marketing.  This will most likely allow them to continue to showcase their current portfolio.  They will be a part of the excitement and energy at the Drew Estate booth.


Booth: 1243, 1244, 1343, 1344

This company is a distribution arm for Compania Hondurena de Tabacos, who has been making cigars for over 15 years.  These cigars had previously been established in Europe, but earlier this year it was announced that Kuuts would be handling distribution to the United States.  The company has launched three brands in the United States – Placeres Reserva, Miro, and Tabacalera Zapata.

This will be sort of a grand opening party for many U.S. retailers to get to know Kuuts and these these cigars.  In terms of new product, the company mentions on their web-site “find out about new product line expansions being announced at the show”, so that’s worth watching (although we are not available if any announcements have been made thus far)

La Flor Dominicana

Booth: 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2122, 2123, 2124, 2125, 2126

2013 will be a busy year for Litto Gomez and company.  The company has made several announcements, so we are not expecting any surprises at the booth.  Here is what LFD has announced for the trade show:

Factory Press Limitado (2013)
Chapter 1
La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Line Extensions
La Flor Dominicana Adds Tubos to Three Lines
La Flor Dominicana Colorado Oscuro Returns in 2013 for Annual Release
Litto Gomez Diez 2013 Vintage

Lou Rodriguez Cigars

Booth: 0614

In 2012 Lou Rodriguez Cigars was selected as one of our “Five Boutiques to Watch”.  Last year the company opted to stay status quo to continue to focus on building momentum with their existing product line.  For 2013, the Greenville, North Carolina based company is getting ready to launch a new cigar called the “Lou Rod”.  This will be the first rounded 6 x 60 produced by the company.

Back in March, company owner Lou Rodriguez mentioned on his facebook page that a cigar called “La Mano Negra” will be released at the 2013 IPCPR Trade show in Las Vegas.  No word if this is still planned or not, so there could be an element of surprise here.

Miami Cigars / La Aurora Cigars

Booth: 3028 – 3031, 3128 – 3131, 3228 – 3231, 3328 – 3331

2013 will not be as active a year for Miami Cigars and La Aurora as last year, yet there still will be plenty of activity. The company also took a much lower key approach with some of their announcements. Here is what we’ve expect to see. At this point we don’t expect many more surprises.

From Miami Cigars:

From La Aurora:

La Tradicion Cubana

Booth: 0205, 0206

The recent announcement on the collaboration with Terry Johnson’s T.L. Johnson Cigars is going to have some more attention on this boutique company this year.

Meier & Dutch

Booth: 0640, 0641

This is the distribution arm for Cigars International.  The recent acquisition of Xikar’s HC and Defiance brands will most likely have these brands being showcased at their booth.

My Father Cigars

Booth: 2222, 2223, 2224, 2225, 2226, 2322, 2323, 2324, 2325, 2326

My Father Cigars goes into their first IPCPR Trade Show following winning Cigar Aficionado’s Cigar of the Year with Flor de las Antillas.

This year, there is rumors of a new booth being unveiled by the company.  The celebration of Don Pepin Garcia’s 10 year anniversary in the cigar business will be front and center.  We expect this to be the forum where the DPG Limited Edition cigar is unveiled.   The company will also be showcasing the new 2013 version of the El Centurion.  I’d expect Flor de las Antillas to still be very much showcased.  While there could be more showcased at the booth, this is an unknown as My Father Cigars has not made any announcements.

Nomad Cigar Company (Update)

Booth: 1758 (adjacent to House of Emilio)

While we reported on the company’s plans in our last installment around the Nomad LE Esteli Lot 1386, this week the company announced another cigar called the Nomad S-307.  This will be a new core line Nicaraguan made offering. Company owner Fred Rewey has said that the S-307 will be available for pre-order at the trade show.

Nomad is a member of the House of Emilio family.  As we mentioned, the House of Emilio is one of our Five Spotlight Entities for the 2013 IPCPR Trade Show.

Perdomo Cigars

The big news with Perdomo is the launch of the third blend in the Perdomo Champagne line, the Perdomo Reserve Champagne Sun Grown.  This cigar will utilize a sun-grown Cuban seed wrapper from Jalapa.

The other big announcement is a line extension to the Perdomo 20th Anniversary line.  This will add a 6 1/2 x 48 Corona Gorda to both the 20th Anniversary Sun Grown and Maduro.  Word is that Nick Perdomo’s son, Nicholas played a role in bringing this frontmark to fruition.

As for the long awaited Perdomo Conmemorativo, there has been no word about that.

Primer Mundo Cigars

Booth: 0556, 0557

Primer Mundo Cigars was one of our “Five Boutiques to Watch” in 2013.  As we mentioned, Primer Mundo Cigars is no newcomer to IPCPR. They have been at the IPCPR for several years.  But this year thanks to the success of La Hermandad and a recent agreement in which PDR Cigars will handle their distribution, Williams appears poised to take his company to the next level

Williams has already announced that the Costa Fuerte will be his new release at the show.  Whether Clase Reserva will return in 2013 is still a mystery.

Rocky Patel Premium Cigars

Booth: 3243 -3250, 3343 – 3350, 3443 – 3450, 3543 – 3550

For the second year in a row, Rocky Patel will lead the pack in terms of new releases.  While the official announcements are pending, the company is planning six new releases.  The latter three cigar names have not officially been announced.

  • Rocky Patel Royale
  • Rocky Patel Platinum
  • Bold by Nish Patel
  • Nimmy D Cigar
  • Sheffield Cigar
  • Ray Lewis Cigar

The company is also planning some other things:

  • Rocky Patel Freedom Works Sampler pack (includes new sizes)
  • Rocky Patel Edge “A” vitola
  • A re-release of the Rocky Patel Edicion Unica.  

The company also has recently announced 6 x 60 line extensions to:

Rodrigo Cigars

Booth: 1661

This is the company behind Rodrigo cigars and is a member of the House of Emilio family.  The House of Emilio was one of our Five Spotlight Entities for the 2013 IPCPR Trade Show.  Rodrigo was the first company to enter into an agreement for Emilio to handle their distribution.  Rodrigo was not at the trade show last year, so this will be a great showcase for George Rodriguez and his blends.

On a recent appearance on the Half Ashed Show, Nate McIntyre, National Sales Manager for House of Emilio said that Rodrigo will be introducing line extensions to its blends.  At press time, there has been no confirmation what these extensions are – or what the blends getting new vitolas are.

S.A.G. Imports

Booth: 3000 – 3002, 3100 – 3102, 3200 – 3202

The company is planning a new release called the Cubita Noveau.   Meanwhile the Oktoberfest is returning for a third consecutive year with a new size called the Oktoberfest Krone.  Tres Reynas also returns for the second year in a row.  It will have a band change and new vitola.

Overall it seems like a bit quieter at S.A.G. Imports, so whether we get surprised or not – it is worth watching.

Sindicato Cigar Group

Booth: 0105, 0106, 0107

Sindicato is a group of retailers that have banded together to produce premium cigars. The company announced their launch back in March and named former Altadis Vice President of Sales Jim Colucci as its CEO.

The word is the company is planning to launch two cigars, but no details have been disclosed thus far.

Tatuaje Cigars

Booth: 2422, 2423, 2522, 2523, 2524, 2525, 2526

Like My Father Cigars, Pete Johnson and Tatuaje have been going through a 10th Anniversary celebration.  Many of the releases showcased at the show will focus around this.  Here is what we what we think you can expect to see:

Ted’s Cigars

Booth: 3454, 3455, 3456, 3457, 3554, 3555, 3556, 3557

Ted’s Cigars is famous for their unique infused cigars featuring spirits and even beer.  These cigars will continue to get attention.  This year expect the new Duck Commander cigar (dedicated to Duck Dynasty) to get a lot of attention from retailers.  To a lesser extent, the Dale Earnhardt, Jr. cigar will be of interest to retailers.

Ventura Cigar Company

Booth: 0404 – 0407, 0504 – 0507, 0604 – 0607, 0704 – 0707, 0804 – 0807, 0904 – 0907, 1004 – 1007, 1104 – 1107, 1204 – 1207, 1304 – 1307 (Phillips and King)

Last year the company made a splash with the Estilo Cubano.  This year the California based cigar company has two releases, the Project 805 and the PSyKo Seven.  Project 805 will use a unique tobacco called Andullo.  PSyKo Seven will feature seven tobaccos from six countries.

Viaje Cigars

Booth: 1149, 1150

While Viaje always keeps things under wraps, we do have an idea of some things that are in the works:
  • The Viaje Double Edged Sword II – this is a 6 1/2 x 50 perfecto that will packaged in collectible jars.
  • Satori 2013 – This is annual release only made available to Viaje retailers who attend IPCPR.  No word on what this year’s release will be.
  • Viaje Late Harvest Hang Time – an extension to Late Harvest using a higher priming wrapper.
With Andre Farkas, there always is an element of surprise, so it will be interesting to see what else is in store.
Viva Republica

Booth: 3616, 3617

Viva Republica was one of our 2013 Five Boutiques to Watch.  This is a small boutique run by Pennsylvania-based retailer Jason Holly who is collaborating with the La Aurora factory in the Dominican Republic.  
Last year, the company launched their first blend, the Rapture.  This year, it is expected that the new blends of Guerilla Warfare and the Rapture Maduro will be showcased.

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