Blessed Leaf, the online cigar-themed Christian ministry founded by Ezra Zion Cigar Company co-owner Kyle Hoover will be launching a cigar.  Blessed Leaf describes the cigar as “gift of appreciation for our friends and partners who financially support the Blessed Leaf ministry”.   Hoover, along with his partner at Ezra Zion Chris Kelly posted a video confirming that the project is in the works.

While details of the cigar itself were not posted in the video, Hoover and Kelly recorded the video at the Casa Fernandez Miami, Florida factory.  Ezra Zion Cigar Company has worked with Casa Fernandez on both the Jamais Vu and Tantrum cigars.

The announcement of the Blessed Leaf Cigar was actually mentioned in the About section of the Blessed Leaf web-site when it was launched.   According to the web-site, ” Each cigar is double banded and back-printed with a Scripture verse and
an invitation to join the Blessed Leaf community.”