Mike Bellody, a name that has been associated with Tiant Cigar Group where he served as company President has announced on Facebook the launch of his new company, MLB Cigar Ventures.

The following announcement on Facebook was posted by Bellody:

Welcome to my new cigar project! MLB Cigar Ventures is a new and very unique company. We will develop and own premium cigar blends & brands made in the worlds best factories, using only the finest quality tobacco. As the company name indicates, we are also open to investing in outside cigar ventures where it makes sense. This is a new concept in this great industry that takes my successful background in the investment industry and brings it together with the premium cigar industry. My inaugural, proprietary blend/brand will launch in the coming months. Let the journey begin!

Bellody is listed as the Founder and CEO of the company.  Bellody indicated on his Twitter account that his “new blend will be out soon”.

Bellody was most recently involved with the re-launch of Tiant Cigar Group, the company named after former Major League great Luis Tiant and his son Daniel.