Nomad Cigar Company has announced some of its plans for 2014.  The plans were outlined in an email and web-site post by company founder Fred Rewey that also included a recap of what he said was an “amazing” year for the company.  The plans include the introduction of two line extensions to the recently released S-307 line.  He also gave some information about two new blends – a Connecticut and a “stronger” blend.

First up, the S-307 will introduce 5 1/2 x 44 and 6 x 58 sizes into the line, bringing the total number of frontmarks to five.  The S-307 became Rewey’s second core line, and first full production made out of Nicaragua (the Nomad LE Lot 1386 was a true limited edition).  The blend consists of an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, an Ecuadorian Habano binder, and Nicaraguan filler.  The line is offered in a box-press offering.  Rewey says a formal announcement will be made int he upcoming days.

As for the Connecticut Blend, this is something that Rewey had mentioned on the 12/7/13 edition of Blowin Smoke podcast.   On that show Rewey had mentioned he finalized a blend that was being made out of the Dominican Republic (his second line to be made in the D.R.).  Rewey commented on the project in the recent communication:

The blending of a Connecticut cigar reminded me of just how much I have to learn – and I already knew I had a lot to learn. The entire process, which I thought was going to be easy, knocked me on my ass. It was frustrating, exciting, challenging, and elusive.  The fact of the matter, as I mentioned I learned a bit earlier, I was fighting the tobacco – trying to force it into being something it was not.   As I write this, I know how esoterically artistic that sounds, but it is the truth. I have learned the blending process is more an art than a science.  I don’t want to take too much away from the Connecticut announcement coming soon, so I think I will just stop there. I will say you can expect a release soon and that the cigar’s creation returned me to the Dominican Republic.”

Finally, the “stronger” blend is something Rewey also commented on the 12/7/13 edition of Blowin Smoke podcast.  At the time Rewey was still contemplating a couple of blends, but it appears now he has settled on something.  In the recent communication, Rewey gave some high level details of the project:

I wanted to create a “stronger*” cigar. I felt it would round out Nomad’s growing portfolio of options. I actually hate using the term “strong.” It conjures up images of black smoke and novice smokers turning green half way through the cigar. But, I think any cigar smoker reading this understands what I mean. I wanted to something that engaged the palate to its fullest and richest extent. It required finding tobacco that wanted to be pushed BUT would not just be stronger for the sake of being stronger – it needed to have it’s own characteristics and personality. I wanted Diva-like tobacco that needed to be tamed into getting along with each other. That last part might have been Flor de Cana talking. I think I have the blend that will fit the bill. The blend is way more complex than I thought it would be…but more on that later.”

Nomad Cigar Company is distributed under by House of Emilio.