Following the announcement that Tarazona Cigars and Cubanacan Cigars have ended their relationship, brand owner Eddie Tarazona confirmed with Cigar Coop the split.  He explained some of the reasons for the split as well as emphasized the brand is going forward – even including some new projects.

Tarazona told us that both Tarazona and Cubanacan were always two separate companies. Tarazona described this as “two companies that had an agreement”.  While they are no longer operating together, Tarazona told us his company will continue to produce Tarazona line of cigars, and will continue with its current sales force in place.

Tarazona also made it clear his focus going forward is the Tarazona brand.  “I’ve taken 100 percent management of Tarazona again.  I’m back in charge,” said Tarazona who added, “With the rapid growth of Tarazona Cigars, having the full independence to operate Tarazona Cigars in a beneficial manner for the Tarazona Cigar brand wasn’t being allowed.”

“My focus will always be Tarazona.  In the last three years, we have just boomed,” added Tarazona.

Tarazona mentioned he has several other projects in the works, including a new line which he hopes to announce in the near future.