The cigar bar at Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers has been re-banded as the “Asylum Cigar Bar”.  The change is effective on March 31st, 2014 as the Tigers opened the 2014 baseball season against the Kansas City Royals.  Both Asylum Cigars co-founder Tom Lazuka and CLE Cigar Company (Asylum Cigars’ parent company), Christian Eiroa were in attendance.

In a press release by the company, Lazuka said “We are very excited about the opportunity to bring good cigars to Comerica Park, while being able to watch a good old fashion baseball game.”

The Asylum Cigar bars feats a full service bar – including wait staff and the opportunity to enjoy premium cigars featured by CLE Cigar Company.   Prior to the renaming of Asylum Cigar Bar, the facility was called the CLE Cigar Bar.  Prior to that, it was the Camacho Cigar Bar – named for Eiroa’s old company.

 Eiroa went on to comment, “Being able to put the Asylum Cigar Bar at Comerica Park feels like a coming home party. There is nothing like watching my favorite team, the Detroit Tigers march toward another world series. It is a dream come to fruition.”