In a conversation with Eddie Tarazona, founder of Tarazona Cigars, Cigar Coop has learned that production of “much of the Tarazona brand including Revolution 305” will be moving to Noel Rojas’ Tabacalera Aromas de Jalapa factory.

Noel Rojas is also the owner of Guayacan Cigars.   In addition to making the Guayacan Cigars at his factory, he has been known to make cigars for others: most notably the Draig Cayuquero for Emilio Cigars and the Nomad LE Esteli Lot 1386.

In terms of the blends, Tarazona said nothing is changing.  He told us, “”Same blend everything, it’s just going over to Noel”.  Tarazona expects the next production of Tarazona 305 Revolution should be available in mid May.

While there is change happening on the Nicaraguan end of Tarazona Cigars, Tarazona confirmed things are on target for his new Dominican collaboration with Tabacalera Ventura – the Tarazona Guerrilla 305.  In terms of these new collaborations, Tarazona told us in terms of both the Rojas and Ventura factories, “I’m excited, those two (factories) are really making a mark.”