The Buena Vista Cigar brand is making a return to the United States.  Today, parent company M.G.M. cigars has announced the cigars will once again be made available in the United States.

Back in 2011, Buena Vista Cigars were released and generated some critical praise in print and online media.  However, suddenly the cigars soon disappeared from many shelves in the American market.

Circumstances beyond the manufacturer’s control hindered the project’s development and successful advancement. The entire production of 200,000 cigars was stored in temperature and humidity-controlled cedar conditioning rooms, until 2013. At that point, Jose E. Borges Batista, founding partner and current President of MGM Cigar, arrived to the United States (after a prolonged wait) bringing with him dreams of freedom, prosperity, and his irrevocable mission of pressing ahead with the MGM Cigar project.

In a press release, Borges said: “The MGM. Cigar project and first brand Buena Vista cigar was nothing more than a dream in 2009. It quickly caught flight, only to be put to bed for a short while. I am thankful to have relocated to the United States where I am free to forge ahead with our project. We look forward to re-introducing the Buena Vista Cigar brand which pays homage to all who, through music and from one generation to another, have kept the Cuban traditions, values and joie de vivre alive.”

The origins of MGM Cigar go back to Cuba.  It was back in 2009 where support started to produce a high quality premium cigar without the restrictions imposed by the Cuban government.  This eventually led to the formation of MGM Cigar.

The cigar will see the return of the Buena Vista Reserva 2008.  At a glance, we take a closer look at this cigar:

Blend Profile

In a press release by the company, Buena Vista 2008 is described a a well-balanced cigar of medium strength.  The cigars have rested in cedar conditioning rooms for three years surrounded by optimal temperature and humidification.

Wrapper: Habano 98 (Ecuador)
Biner: Not disclosed
Filler: Dominican Republic (Aged two years)

Vitolas Available

The Buena Vista Reserva 2008 is available in ten count boxes in nine vitolas

Prominente: 7 x 49
Sublime: 6.3 x 54
Piramide: 6.3 x 52
Doble Robusto: 5 1/2 x 52
Robusto: 5.3 x 54
Corona Larga: 4.8 x 50
Corona: 5.1 x 46
Petit Pyramid: 4.9 x 52
Short Churchill: 4.3 x 54