Commonwealth Cedar Spills (CCS) has announced the availability of its first new cedar spill design in three years.  The new product, “Spills by the Bunch” was created as a direct response to customer demand.  It provides a shorter and more cost effective option for organizations looking to use these as an extension of their brand.

According to the company, they were approached by several organizations that sponsor or cater to cigar events and the packaging segment of the cigar market in both the U.S. and worldwide. A common complaint amongst these organizations was that in all their packaging of cigars and accessories for sale or distribution at events they were not allowed to place obvious self-promotional items in the packaging (flyers, postcards, business cards) and the most common accessories (matches, cutters and
such) were highly discouraged do to security/safety and cigar freshness concerns.  While CCS’ Classic Spill was an attractive product, some customers felt it was long in length, and it needed to be priced more competitively.  This allows CCS to address this segment of the market

According to Commonwealth Cedar Spills President Thomas Person, “They asked and we delivered.”

The new design took about five months to make.  The goal was to still provide all of the benefits of the company’s classic cedar spill for lighting a cigar or pipe, but still allow for a better fit.  The new spill measures seven inches long with a maximum brand able handle area of 1  inch x .59 inch. This new design allows organizations to place their name, web address, hashtag, email or logo on the spill handle.

In terms of the availability, the company sells them in units of 1,000+ for $200.00 ($0.20 per cedar spill).  The company explains the reason for the 1,000+ number:

“We say 1,000+ as our manufacturing process yields some overage and being quality control fanatics we discard any less-than-perfect spills and as such often provide our customers a bit more than 1,000 cedar spills. These spills with imagery on the handle and the fire icon on the foot are $0.20 USD per spill and can be bundled in units as small as 50-60 and are shipped loose, no box packaging provided.”

The Cedar Spills are available online at CCS’ store,