New Hampshire

The beginning of the calendar year sees many lawmaking bodies back in session – and this is a time for plenty of anti-smoking legislative bills. However, this year there is a bill in New Hampshire (HB 279) that is good news for cigar and smoking enthusiasts. State Representatives Robert Hull and Lino Avellani have introduced a bill that would allow private establishments to decide on whether patrons can light up indoors.

According to the NACS Online, Hull drafted the bill after a voter requested it.

New Hampshire has a smoking ban that is over a decade old that implemented a widespread indoor smoking band.

The American Cancer Society has already come out in protest of the bill claiming second-hand smoke endangers patrons who would attend an establishment where smoking is allowed.

However, all is not good in the New Hampshire legislature for premium cigar enthusiasts. HB 333 has been introduced to remove the exemption for premium cigars from the tobacco tax.