Veritas Cigars has announced that Chris Weber will be its new Chairman and Chief Operating Officer. Concurrent with this announcement, the company has announced it is shifting production of its Nicaraguan cigars to Fabrica Oveja Negra.

“Like anything worth doing, this has been a labor of love for all those who have brought the brand to its current state of excellence, and I stand behind this cigar line, made great by the challenges I’ve faced, and I am poised to bring the brand to new heights,” stated Mr. Weber in a press release.

Fabrica Oveja Negra is owned and operated by James Brown in Esteli, Nicaragua. Veritas describes the move of its Nicaraguan production as part of its evolution. “In working with James I came to love his passion for blending and am excited to be working together to bring Veritas Cigars to the next level,” stated Weber.

In terms of adding Veritas to his factory as a client, Brown said, “This is a tough industry for small companies. It’s hard to get the attention you need to create a premium product. Our goal is to help support other boutique brands and grow the premium-cigar market.”

Veritas says the transition will take time to complete and the new product is scheduled to hit retailers at the end of July of this year.