The Viaje Friends and Family, one of Viaje Cigars’ most limited lines, is returning. This past week, the Bel Air, a vitola that has not been released since 2014, has shipped to select retailers.

The Viaje Friends and Family line was originally designed by Viaje President Andre Farkas as a personal blend for himself and people he was close to. In 2012, the blend was released under the Viaje Friends and Family umbrella with a 7 x 48 box-press Churchill called Cadeau. There were two batches released in 2012 and both were in small batch, limited quantities. Since 2012, Friends and Family has had several releases with five different vitolas. The Bel Air is a 6 x 50 box-pressed toro.

Viaje has not discussed details about the Friends and Family blend.

Photo Credit: Viaje Cigars