Last week, Tobacco Media Group (TMG) has announced some more details around its plans for the 2020 Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE 2020). Included in the announcement were plans to offer incentives to exhibitors and retailers participating in the 2020 show. TPE 2020 opens January 29, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada and runs through January 31, 2020.

TMG, a subsidiary of Kretek International, an importer, marketer, and distributor of specialty tobacco products, has been putting on a big push of their TPE Trade Show. While it focuses on all premium tobacco and alternative (vapor) products, it has been positioning in the premium cigar space, particularly as another alternative or addition to the Premium Cigar Association (PCA)’s Trade Show. TMG has been putting a strong value proposition to retailers and manufacturers to participate in TPE. At the same time, TPE is being promoted as the tobacco industry’s first major trade show for the calendar year.

For manufacturers and brands exhibiting at the TPE Trade Show, there will be an incentive program for those that choose to release a new product exclusively at TPE 2020. This incentive includes a 5% discount on booth space and additional priority points (which are accumulated to get priority on booth space the following year). In addition, TPE will promote press releases through its Tobacco Business Magazine publication (also a part of Kretek International).

TPE is also bringing back its Hosted Buyer Program. This is a program where select premium tobacco retailers are invited to the show by TPE and exhibiting manufacturers. Under the program retailers will receive two nights hotel accommodations, a free badge, a gift card to offset travel costs, and invitations to all the TPE after-hours events. According to TPE, for 2020, they have doubled the budget for this program from TPE 2019.

“We’re really excited about TPE 2020,” says Ellie Hansen, Trade Show Director of TPE in a press release. “Our 2019 show saw a 46% increase in overall attendance over 2018, with Tobacconist attendance being up over 118%! We can already see the momentum continuing for 2020 with a 22% increase in exhibitor participation more than 5 months before the show. We’re pleased that the industry is recognizing the value that we’re striving for, and are confident that everyone will benefit from TPE 2020.”

While the Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show remains the largest industry trade show, it has had its problems in terms of decreased foot traffic and increased costs. While TPE still has a way to go to catch PCA, it’s clear Kretek is positioning its trade show as a viable option for exhibitors and retailers.