The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly had its impact on the cigar industry. One thing cigar manufacturers are missing is the personal interaction with customers. This has led many manufacturers go the virtual route to keep these connections going. Tabacalera USA has launched a video podcast series known as “Cigar Break” hosted by Tabacalera USA Director of Product Capability Rafael Nodal. On Sunday April 19th, I had the honor of being a guest on this podcast.

I’ve known Rafael prior to founding Cigar Coop, so we have had the opportunity to follow each other’s journey in the cigar industry. This is a different concept where we see the cigar manufacturer interviewing the media guy. I’ll recap a lot of the journey of Cigar Coop over the years, and talk the business of cigar media. The full interview is below:

Image/Video Credit: The Cigar Life/Tabacalera USA (Embedded)