Launching “The Blog” component on Cigar Coop has provided us a new avenue to deliver content in addition to our industry-leading news and reviews. Today we feature the story of Cajun Cigar Czar and his unique way of strengthening his distribution channel.

Cajun Cigar Czar has quietly become one of the fastest growing cigar distributors by way of clever product placement, high technological acumen, and of course, love of cigars. Dustin Prudhomme, founder of Cajun Cigar Czar, feels confident that he can provide new opportunities for cigar makers, by expanding sales in hard to reach markets.

Prudhomme, a Louisiana native, took on the challenge to distribute premium handmade cigars in new ways. An industry insider tried to dissuade Dustin from getting into the cigar industry. This only motivated Dustin to use his grit, technological education, and Six Sigma background to open Cajun Cigar Czar in 2017 with zero capital.

Dustin was able to identify locations where consumers may find it difficult to access cigar shops. Dustin first approached one of the largest independent grocers in the US and offered to create stylish custom humidors for each location. Each has a built-in computer system created by Dustin which alerts Cajun Cigar Czar when the humidor needs replenishing. This creates a hands-off and profitable business opportunity for the retail owner and increased sales for the cigar manufacturer. Dustin’s proof of concept exceeded expectations and was able to expand to CTE stores, gas stations, country clubs, private clubs, liquor stores, etc. in 17 states and growing.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Cajun Cigar Czar, with its unique business model has been able to remain operational and even increased sales. This has allowed cigar manufacturers and retail partners the ability to make much-needed sales during these exceedingly difficult times.

Dustin Prudhomme stated: “We at Cajun Cigar Czar have worked hard to present the art of handmade cigars to untapped markets. It has been a pleasure to work with some of our partners like Espinosa Cigars, Rocky Patel, Drew Estate, Villiger Cigars, General Cigars to name just a few. We look forward to expanding our footprint and partner up with retail shops and continue a fruitful relationship with our cigar manufacturing partners.”

Cajun Cigar Czar will continue to evolve as they are a major stakeholder in Tubeaux, LLC. Tubeaux, LLC has launched a multinational patent-pending space optimization, to allow the continual deployment of premium tobacco to spaces which never were feasible prior.

Source: Creativas Group Public Relations & Branding, used with permission