The 2021 Trade Show season will go on without Southern Draw Cigars. Citing safety concerns around the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and specifically owner Robert Holt‘s own battle with COVID-19, Southern Draw Cigars will be skipping the TPE 2021 and the 2021 PCA Convention and Trade Shows.

In a statement on social media, the company said: “The SDC family will not be attending TPE 2021 nor will be attend PCA 2021 – an easy decision given the indoor venues, limited ventilation in a luxurious smoke filled hall, the necessities to remove masks for smoking, eating, drinking and social interaction, the impossibilities of social distancing as we all love and miss one another, our deep concerns if contact tracing is required due to any unfortunate spread during the indoor activities.

“We are discussing a return to in person events later in 2021 and interaction with retail partners and staff, our own guidelines are being drafted with a likely lean to outdoor venues, with limited persons, making choices that continue to limit our risks of spreading Covid and allow us more quality time with smaller groups of people.”

TPE 2021 is scheduled to open May 12, 2021 while the PCA Trade Show opens July 10, 2021. Both events are slated to take place in Las Vegas.