German Engineered Cigars has announced a partnership with CST Consulting, the company owned by Claudio Sgroi. As a part of the partnership, German Engineered Cigars will work with Sgroi on the joint development of two cigar blends. The first release is targeted to be launched at the Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) 2022 Show in Las Vegas.

Sgroi will work with German Engineered Cigars to support blend development, production management, and quality control of the new blends. The new blends will be sold regularly and globally under their own names within the German Engineered Cigars brand.

“It makes us proud to have such a skilled and experienced master blender joining our team of German Cigar Engineers,“ says Oliver Nickels, Co-Founder and Chief Cigar Engineer at German Engineered Cigars, in a press release. “We seek to create cigars that are very distinctive and that fit a modern lifestyle, and Claudio certainly is the ideal partner for us.”

“I am very happy and excited to work with such a modernist brand. Looking forward to collaborating with a very promising boutique cigar brand that is giving me the space and freedom to develop new ideas and aromatic experiences“, added Claudio Sgroi, Master blender and consultant.”

Photo Credit: German Engineered Cigars/CST Consulting