Prime Time Jukebox

The ladies are back for Prime Time Jukebox Episode 67.

In honor of Women’s History Month, Dave and Coop will explore some of the female artists from both a foundational and contemporary standpoint. We’ll go through some of our favorite female artists and discuss some of our favorite tunes by them.

Plus we cover:

  • The upcoming Dedications Show
  • 90s Madness Tournament
  • Record Store Day 2023
  • New albums by Arcade Fire and Harry Styles
  • Dolly Parton removing herself from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Consideration
  • Tears For Fears Reaching #1 on the Billboard Charts
  • Controversy with Developing Palates and Cigar Hustler!

For the cigars during the broadcast, Dave smokes the Asylum Straight Jacket 6 x 60 while Coop smokes the Casa Fuente Churchill.

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