At the 2022 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show, Manifatture Cigar Toscano will showcase a new premium cigar series known as the Toscano Master Aged Series. The series is launching in three different blends and is highlighted by an expanded aging and maturation process.

In a press release, Toscano describes this process:

Toscano Master Aged was born from an idea of the Toscano Master Blender to create a unique making process with an extra maturation period, managed by a specialized ‘affinatore’ (refiner). Starting from the fifth day of maturation, the product is daily checked for specific humidity and temperature standards. These standards must be constantly maintained to ensure absolute perfection. The entire maturation process lasts for a minimum of 360 days in special maturation cells, dedicated to these particular blends.

The constant care of the ‘affinatore’ (a highly experienced cigar blender) ensures the highest quality cigars, with a well-rounded, balanced and unique taste.

The 100% Kentucky seed fire cured tobacco used for the Toscano Master Aged Series has an elongated drying process that supersedes that of the standard Toscano Cigar.

Manifatture Sigaro Toscano says the cigars are currently available for USA, Germany, Austria, Spain, Romania and Serbia.

Each of the three blends is rolled in Toscano’s signature conical shape. In this case, the cigars measure 6.3″ x 40. Pricing is set at $8.00 per $240.00 for a pack of 30.

Toscano Master Aged Series 1

This is described as having a blend of Kentucky tobacco from Tennessee,  Kentucky, and Tuscany, Italy and highlighted by an Italian wrapper. This is described as being a full-bodied offering.

Toscano Master Aged Series 2

This cigar features a Kentucky tobacco wrapper from Tennessee where it is fire-cured for 30 days. This wrapper covers a blend of Italian and U.S. Kentucky tobaccos. Toscano describes this cigar as an intense offering with full-body notes.

Toscano Master Aged Series 3

This cigar is highlighted by the exclusive use of Kentucky tobacco grown in North America. The tobaccos are harvested by picking up the whole plant and using a longer fire curing process. This also is intended to provide a bold and high-intensity profile.


The PCA Trade Show Opens on July 9th in Las Vegas, Nevada. An Italian aperitivo will be held on July 9 at 4pm PT to formally launch the product.

Photo Credits: Manifatture Cigar Toscano