A few months ago, I talked with Fred Rewey (now with Illusione Cigars) about a project he was working on in the Dominican Republic. This involved a series of in-depth interviews with many high-profile Dominican cigar makers. What was intriguing about the project was the fact these were face-to-face interviews being done with high-quality audio/visual equipment. The project caught my attention and Fred asked if we would be willing to carry the content on Cigar Coop. Fred’s been a longtime friend, and since the project was unique and high quality, I have opted to do so.

For Episode 1, Fred sits down with the one and only Carlito Fuente of Arturo Fuente Cigars. While Carlito has been much more accessible to interviews over the years, this face-to-face interview adds another dimension to getting to know Carlito Fuente.

Video Credit: The Final Puff – EP1 -Carlito Fuente Jr from Exposure One on Vimeo.

For behind-the-scenes details of the interview, refer to The Final Puff’s Behind the Scenes Notes.