Next month, Forged Cigar Company will begin rolling out the second release of its limited edition Fool’s Errand Trilogy – Simple Fool.

The Diesel Fool’s Errand Simple Fool was developed by AJ Fernandez and Justin Andrews. It features an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper over a blend of proprietary Nicaraguan Habano tobaccos cultivated on AJ Fernandez’s farms. The cigar is being released in one size – a 5 x 58 tapered perfecto. The cigars are presented in ten-count boxes. Production is handled at Tabacalera AJ Fernandez Cigars de Nicaragua in Estelí, Nicaragua. Pricing is set at $9.99.

In a press release announcing Simple Fool, Justin Andrews said, “There is nothing foolish about simplicity and this cigar echoes what AJ and I believe to be true about life in general: that less can often be more. Think about the aroma you smell when you first open a box of cigars. Or a relaxing place to unwind with a great smoke. These are simple things that mean a lot. Simple Fool is no different. This cigar exercises restraint beautifully with proprietary, full-bodied tobaccos blended to perfection. Nothing more, nothing less.”

The cigar also features an interactive component. Inside the box, a Simple Fool character will be introduced via a collectible tarot card. The card contains a QR code that, when activated, will launch an interactive game that invites the cigar smoker to complete the Simple Fool’s errand by solving a series of riddles. Special Diesel Fool’s Errand prizes created specifically for the Simple Fool character will be awarded at random to the top ten participants.

Justin Andrews added, “A simple fool is still a fool yet a wise person thinks ahead. Wise cigar smokers among us will put the Simple Fool tarot card in a safe place for safe keeping…”

Diesel Fool’s Errand Simple Fool follows the first installment of the trilogy, Diesel Fool’s Errand Stubborn Fool. The series is set to conclude in the Spring of 2024 with the third and final release of the trilogy.

Simple Fool will ship to retailers on March 6. Distribution is handled by Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG)’s Forged Cigar Company.

Photo Credits: Scandinavian Tobacco Group