On Episode 248, it’s a World Series edition as welcome Micky Pegg of All Saints Cigars as our special guest. This show will be on as the Astros and Phillies battle it in game 5 of the 2022 World Series.

This episode was not planned out like this as we scheduled this show a few weeks ago. There wasn’t supposed to even be a game tonight, but Mother Nature had other ideas. By luck, we happened to book Philadelphia’s own Micky Pegg as the special guest. While we will talk All Saints, I’m sure we will be following the happenings of Game 5.  Plus Micky’s beloved (and currently undefeated) Philadelphia Eagles have a Thursday night game.

Plus we will have our Cattle Baron, Alec Bradley Live True, and Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Deliberation segments!

Note: Due to age restrictions, you might have to click on “Watch on YouTube” below.


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