Kelner Cigars, S.A.S. has formally announced it has opened its doors on its new factory. The company was founded by Klaas Kelner, a third-generation member of the Kelner family who will also head its operations. The new facility is located in the Víctor Manuel Espaillat Mera located in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

Klaas Kelner is the son of Henrick Kelner Sr., both are known for their tenure working for Davidoff.

“It is with great excitement that we bring this new project to life. I was born and raised in the industry, surrounded by tobacco experts, retailers, and cigar aficionados; and it is through their teachings that I came to love every facet of cigar making. It has always been a dream to blend beautiful cigars bearing the Kelner name for my family and friends, and now I get to do just that with some of the best tobaccos in the world,” commented Klaas Kelner in a press release.

Initially, Kelner Cigars S.A.S. will be focused on creating small-batch private labels. The company says it has hand-picked torcedors that will fit the “Kelner philosophy.”

“It is my vision to grow organically, creating a close-knit team that believes in the Kelner Family’s passion and commitment to quality control. Maintaining a process where I can personally inspect the tobacco that we use, sort, and roll into well balanced blends. I invite you all to enjoy our cigars made with our signature family,” added Kelner

The Kelner Family tobacco traces back to the 1920s when Klaas Pieter Kelner Sr. and his three brothers moved from the Netherlands to the Dominican Republic and Brazil to work in raw leaf tobacco. The four brothers created independent companies that are still active today and supply many cigar factories around the world.

The second generation, led by cigar and tobacco guru Hendrik Kelner Sr., perfected the crafting of handmade premium cigars. Hendrik Sr. pioneered the development of seed hybridization and organoleptic mapping of the different cultivation zones of the Dominican Republic.


“I would like to thank everyone that has helped us in this new adventure. Our suppliers, for allowing me to examine and taste each tobacco. Our clients, for believing in our blends and starting this journey together. And my family and friends for all the emotional support and love. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible!” commented Klaas Kelner.

Photo Credits: Kelner Cigars S.A.S.