Patina Cigars has announced it will start shipping its Patina Anniversary cigar beginning the week of April 10. This is Patina’s first cigar to use Connecticut Broadleaf and it’s also the first limited edition cigar from Patina.

“Three main factors went into shaping the Patina Anniversary. First, was to use a wrapper leaf which we had not previously used, in this case CT Broadleaf. Second, produce a limited number of cigars which for the Anniversary is 5,000. Lastly, I asked myself, is this a blend that has the potential to age well? So, during the process we wanted to make sure that the cigar had the characteristics that gave it potential to benefit from time as many consumers stash limited production cigars to smoke on given occasions at some point in the future,” commented Mo Maali in a statement.

The company has announced four kickoff events for the cigar over the next two weeks:

  • Trevor’s Liquor – 4/13 – Scottsdale, AZ
  • Fine Ash Cigars – 4/14 – Glendale, AZ
  • Embargo Cigar Lounge – 4/15 – Phoenix, AZ
  • La Casa Ann Arbor – 4/21 – Ann Arbor, MI

For more information on the Patina Anniversary, see our coverage from February 2023:

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Photo Credit: Patina Cigars