Casa 1910 has announced that beginning this summer, its cigars will now be distributed in Switzerland by ImpCor GmbH. ImpCor GmbH is located in Herisau, Switzerland, and has been in the cigar business since 2010.

“With our partnership with ImpCor, we aim to establish ourselves as the leading brand in the boutique segment within Switzerland. Our objective is to showcase our brand in prominent traditional retailers throughout the country, while also focusing on positioning Casa 1910 in luxury hotels and golf clubs across Switzerland. Furthermore, we intend to actively engage with our clients through various events and in-store visits. This will provide an opportunity for them to connect with the individuals behind the brand, fostering enduring and impactful relationships. We eagerly anticipate a close collaboration with ImpCor, as we firmly believe they are the perfect partner to position Casa 1910 in the market and expand the brand’s reach. Our goal is to bring the hard work and meticulous attention to detail that went into creating Mexico’s finest cigars to consumers of different ages and preferences, ensuring they can truly savor the experience”, commented Jamie Baer, CEO of Casa 1910, in a press release.

In addition to its distribution in México, the United States, and Switzerland, Casa 1910 Cigars is also available in other countries including: Montenegro, Spain, UK, Germany, Serbia, and UAE.