Nsolo Consulting Group has named Ryan Gallimore as its Director of Business Development. Gallimore is best known for his role as a Senior Manager of Drew Estate’s Consumer Engagement team and prior to that founded and owned Swinger Cigars.

Nsolo Consulting Group describes itself as a full-service design and product manufacturing agency. The company was founded by Nick Nanavichit and based out of Sunrise, Florida. With over 19 years in the business, it specializes in branded custom packaging, accessories, and swag for its business partners. The Nsolo Team has created and manufactured packaging for companies in the cigar, liquor, and hospitality industries.

Gallimore will assume the role immediately. It involves identifying new business opportunities and forging relationships with new companies looking to enhance their brand presence and awareness.

“At Nsolo, we have partners, not clients. Our objective is to promote our partners’ success by having key players within our own company that have a corresponding vision, passion and work ethic. That is why I was thrilled when I heard that Ryan agreed to join our Nsolo Team. Ryan’s hire is the first of many new positions we will be adding to strengthen our company. I am confident in Ryan’s ability to support new partners, break into new industries and maybe even establish a cigar bar or two,” says Nick Nanavichit, Founder and President of Nsolo Consulting Group in a press release. “He has an unparalleled understanding of brand outreach and an innovative approach to creating products. I have no doubt that his expertise will enhance our process of developing luxury packaging and accessories.”

“The company’s unwavering dedication to delivering mind-blowing swag and packaging has always left me in awe and I cannot wait to contribute to its tremendous achievements. Together, we will unleash a tidal wave of creative packaging solutions, empowering our clients to drown out any previously held standards. I am absolutely stoked to embark on this new adventure with Nsolo Consulting Group,” added Gallimore. “My first initiative will be setting up Nsolo’s first international presence by way of office and showroom in Estelí, Nicaragua. It’s this type of dedication and commitment to the cigar industry that will allow us to offer a one stop solution to all packaging needs to our partners in the region.”