Tonight the Smoking Syndicate Roundtable tackles the Aura by E.P. Carrillo Shengxiaco Collection.  To help us here, we are joined by a special guest Rountable panelist, Mr. Fred Rewey!

The Aura by E.P. Carrillo Shengxiao is a ultra-premium collection introduced by E.P. Carrillo late in 2023. It consists of 12 different blends by Ernesto Perez-Carrillo – with each one representing a year in the Chinese Zodiac. Tonight each of the panelists will take a different blend based on the year he was born in.

Tune in tonight for this unique Roundtable and find out what the panelists think of this release.

This will be live-streamed off The Smoking Syndicate Facebook page. A condensed version will be packaged after the show as well on YouTube and on our podcast network. Broadcast time is 9:30pm Eastern time, 8:30pm Central time.