At the 2023 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show, Aganorsa Leaf will showcase a new look and a new size for its Rare Leaf Reserve lne.

The Rare Leaf Reserve will receive banding and packaging that will be consistent with the recently released Rare Leaf Reserve Maduro. In addition, a new 6 x 44 Lonsdale size is being added to the line.

Rare Leaf Reserve was released in 2021. As the name indicates, it is a line to showcase some of Aganorsa’s low-yield tobaccos. Typically when a blend uses a significant amount of low-yield tobaccos, it will be a limited line. But for the Rare Leaf Reserve, Aganorsa Leaf wanted to showcase some of its rarer tobaccos as an ongoing production. In order to do this, the Rare Leaf Reserve was made available to retailers that are a part of the “Aganorsa Select” program. The blend features 100% Aganorsa Leaf grown tobaccos in Nicaragua with an emphasis on Criollo 98 tobacco.

The 2023 PCA Trade Show opens July 7, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Photo Credit : Aganorsa Leaf (YouTube)