At the 2023 Premium Cigar Association Trade Show, El Septimo Geneva will introduce the Empress of Sheba. This is a new extension to El Septum’s Emperor Collection, a line of cigars that pays homage to various historical rulers. The Empress of Sheba is a 6 x 60 Maduro Gordo.

Empress Sheba (also known as Queen Sheba) is said to have ruled a kingdom from Ethopia to Yemen, approximately 950 years before the birth of Christ.

“I was asked by a dear friend to design a cigar that reflects on the rich history and culture of African Americans. Before we started to design this cigar, we wanted to find a powerful person in African history to be part of our Emperor Collection. The search ended soon when we learned the history of Queen Sheba,” says Zaya Younan, CEO of El Septimo in a press release.

The Empress of Sheba will carry a price point of $20.00 MSRP per cigar. The cigars are presented in 20-count boxes.

The PCA Trade Show opens July 7, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada.