Joya de Nicaragua has announced its Selección Antaño Sampler will now be available in the U.S. markets.

The Selección Antaño Sampler is a four-cigar sampler consisting of Toro-sized offerings of the Antaño 1970, Antaño Dark Corojo, Antaño Grand Reserva, and Antaño CT. The sampler was originally launched in 2021 in a few countries.

Since then, Antaño has become a favorite for cigar enthusiasts who appreciate its strong, full-bodied character, and Antaño 1970 has become one of Joya de Nicaragua’s best-selling brands around the globe. Over the years, Joya de Nicaragua has expanded the Antaño brand to include four expressions: the original Antaño 1970, the super full-bodied Antaño Dark Corojo, the smooth and elegant Antaño Gran Reserva and the creamy-with-a-kick Antaño CT.

“The launch of Selección Antaño was made for those who love spicy, and full-bodied cigars. This selection represents the legacy of the authentic Nicaraguan puro, better than anything else,” commented Cristhian Lanzas Communications and Consumer Engagement Coordinator Joya de Nicaragua in a press release.

The release is said to be coinciding with the 55th anniversary which Joya de Nicaragua is celebrating in 2023.

Photo Credit: Joya de Nicaragua