At the 2023 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show in Las Vegas, S.T. Dupont launched a new Premium Jet Flame series. This combines S.T. Dupont’s Line 2 lighter design with their signature expert “jet” flame. This week, S.T. Dupont officially began shipping one of the new lines in the Premium Jet Flame Series, the Big D.

The lighter features a wide, flat flame that it refers to as a “blade flame.” The design of the lighter itself is inspired by the S.T. Dupont soft-flame lighter. S.T. Dupont says this is its largest flat blue flame at .75 inches wide and is capable of heating up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The company also says the flame is capable of withstanding up to 44 mph winds.

There are five finishes available for the Big D.

  • 2 Diamond Head: Palladium or Yellow Gold (SRP $425.00 per lighter)
  • 3 Lacquer Finishes: Black with Palladium trim, Black with Gold trim or Blue Lacquer with Yellow Gold Trim (SRP $450.00 per lighter)

S.T. Dupont is also launching two other lines under the Premium Jet Series: Slimmy (featuring the Line with a Slim Jet Flame) and Twiggy (an elongated narrow lighter)

S.T. Dupont is distributed in the U.S. by Coles of London.

Photo Credits: Supplied by Coles of London