For the past four years, Sam Leccia’s Stogiebird has released a collection of cigars. This year, the company has partnered with Padilla Cigar Company to release its Halloween collection. This year’s theme for the Collection is Circus Freak and features a twist. The artwork for the cigar bands was AI-generated.

The AI-generated bands feature artwork unique to each cigar in the Circus Freak lineup. This includes the Ringmaster, 2-headed Woman, Fortune Teller, Tattooed Lady, Sword Swallower, Wolfgirl, Snake Charmer, and Strong Girl.

“While I knew what I wanted, getting 8 new designs created would have been costly, so I started looking into AI and was really quite surprised with results. These AI designs have their flaws; eyes, fingers and even cigars still just come out a bit strange, but I just went with it. It opened up a whole new path for creativity for me,” commented Sam Leccia in a statement to Cigar Coop.

The Stogiebird Halloween Cigar Selections is available through Stogie Bird’s subscription service.

Photo Credit: Stogiebird