Quality Importers Price Reductions 2024

Quality Importers Trading Company has announced a series or price reductions to approximately 100 SKUs in its portfolio. The brands that have products that will see a price decrease include: Xikar, Palió, Hydra, and Humidor Supreme.

The following is a summary of the average MSRP price reductions for select Quality Importers items:

  • Xikar M8 Metal Body: $6.67
  • Xikar Trezo Triple Lighter: $10.00
  • Xikar Turismo Lighter: $10.00
  • Xikar Verano Lighter: $10.00
  • Xikar Xi1 Cutter: $10.00
  • Xikar Xi2 Cutter: $5.83
  • Xikar XO Cutter: $15.00
  • Palió Tazza Ashtray: $10.00
  • Palió Tazza Ashtray: $10.50
  • Palió Siena Lighter: $1.00
  • Palió Lazio Lighter: $2.50
  • Hydra SM-Electronic Humidifier: $2.50
  • Humidor Supreme Medici 400 Cigar Cabinet: 37.00
  • Humidor Supreme Old Glory 100 CT Humidor: $19.01
  • Humidor Supreme Old World: 75-100 Humidor: $16.00

Quality Importers says improvements to its logistics and account management process have made these price reductions possible. The company also says key programs such as Swag Bunker and the Quality Importers Qualified Partnership programs have helped continue to the savings.

“Recognizing the impact of altered consumer buying habits on the retailer’s bottom line, we have focused on finding better ways to do business and securing price reductions for specific SKUs that no one expects,” stated Michael Giordano, CEO of Quality Importers in a press release. “We have built economies of scale that enable us to cut costs and take action so that retailers can purchase select accessories from our vast portfolio at a lower price without any impact on quality and craftsmanship.”

The new pricing went into effect January 15, 2024.

Photo Credit: Cigar Coop