Fortaleza y Libre Rebranding

Fuerte y Libre Cigars Inc. has announced it is rebranding to Fortaleza y Libre Cigars. The name change is effective immediately.

The company says the decision was made following a previous trademark opposition that was issued by Arturo Fuente cigars. That opposition asserted there was potential consumer confusion between “Fuerte y Libre” and Arturo Fuente. A resolution was reached in 2023 when, as part of a settlement agreement, Fuente y Libre agreed to adopt a new name, “Fortaleza y Libre” cigars.

The newly rebranded Fortaleza y Libre says the new name is alignment with its original ethos and brand vision
encapsulated by the phrase “Smoke strong – Live free.”

“While unexpected, the transition to Fortaleza y Libre comes at an ideal time in our evolution. We look forward to sharing our new image with consumers and retailers in 2024 and beyond,” said Greg Free, President of FYL Cigars in a press release.

Fortaleza y Libre says a complete transition to the new name will occur over the next 12 months on product and marketing materials. The company’s Instagram and Facebook pages already reflect the rebranding. In addition, the company website will remain the same:

Image Credit: Fortaleza y Libre Cigars