LH Nick Sofos

LH Premium Cigars has announced the latest addition to its Nick line of cigars: the “Sofos.”  This is a new regular production short salomon that pays homage to LH founder and blender Nicholas Syris‘ Greek heritage. At the same time, it also pays homage to the tradition and craftsmanship involved in the art of cigar-making.

In announcing the Nick Sofos, LH Cigars explains the story behind this cigar:

“The Salomon cigar shape is named after King Solomon from Greek mythology and the biblical figure. King Solomon renowned for his wisdom. “Salomon” suggests grandeur and sophistication, fitting for a cigar shape that exudes luxury and craftsmanship, much like the reputation associated with King Solomon himself.

“King Solomon was revered for his wisdom, and “Sophos,” (Σοφός) the Greek word for ‘wise’ or ‘learned, perfectly encapsulates the essence of this exceptional cigar. The Solomon  Sophos combines the rich tapestry of Greek heritage and history with the craftsmanship of a premium cigar blended with aged tobaccos within the distinctive Solomon shape.”

The Nick Sofos measures 58 x 6. The blend features a Habano Criollo ’98 seeded Ecuadorian wrapper with a Habano 2000 Ecuadorian Binder. The fillers consist of tobaccos sourced from Ecuador, Peru, and the Dominican Republic, with a touch of Brazilian Ligero. Production comes from Tabacos de Costa Rica in Puriscal, Costa Rica. The Sofos will initially be available in 20-count bundles with boxes to follow in the future.

LH Cigars further stated:

“With each draw, aficionados will experience the discernment and sophistication that comes with enjoying an LH Premium cigar. The ‘Nick’ Solomon Sofos embodies a fusion of Greek history, wisdom, and the artistry of cigar-making, making it a standout addition to the Nick line. The Solomon Sofos symbolizes the harmony between the earthly pleasure of smoking and the wisdom that comes with appreciating the finer things in life.”
LH Premium Cigars is pricing the Nick Sofos at $14.00 per cigar or $260.00 per bundle.

Photo Credits: LH Premium Cigars