Tripp Waldrop Prime Time Special Edition

Prime Time Special Edition 153 kicks off the 2024 year as we welcome the newest member of the Cigar Coop Coalition team, Tripp Waldrop.

Tripp is coming on-board and bringing his Let’s Get Pairing brand into the Coalition. As the name indicates, this show will be all about pairings with cigars. We’ll get to know Tripp better and find out more about the vision for Let’s Get Pairing going forward. We will also take a look ahead to 2024, and look back at some of our favorite cigar moments.

Plus, we have our Vintage Rock-A-Feller Cigar Group U.S. History segment, Tabacalera USA Great Things are Happening Here, and Espinosa This Day in Sports History segments.

Check out this episode of Prime Time Special Edition, as we welcome Tripp Waldrop to the Cigar Coop Coalition!

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