Quality Importers Year of the Dragon

Quality Importers Trading Company has announced a four-piece accessory collection themed for the Year of the Dragon. The four pieces each come from a different brand in the Quality Importers’ portfolio:

Humidor Supreme 20-Count Desktop Humidor

Quality Importers Year of the Dragon

This is a mahogany humidor with a customized dragon design on the cover, capable of storing 20 to 30 cigars. It also includes a humidifier. The dimensions of the humidor are 10 5/8″ W x 8 3/4″ D x 3 3/16″ H, and pricing is set $57.99

Cigar Caddy Five-Count Travel Case

This is the popular five-count travel case Cigar Caddy is known for. This unit features a custom red and gold dragon on the lid. The dimensions of the travel case are 8 13/16” W x 5 3/16” D x 2” H. Pricing is set at $31.99.

Xikar Perfect Cut Cigar Cutter

Quality Importers Year of the Dragon

This is the unit that had a national release at TPE 2024. This is Xikar’s Xi1 unit with a closed back. The Year of the Dragon unit features a gold dragon scale design on the front and a dragon design on the back. Pricing is set at $99.99 per unit.

Palió Pro Antares

Quality Importers Year of the Dragon

This was a lighter line introduced at PCA 2023. The design features a Chinese dragon. The pricing for this unit is $64.99.

Quality Importers says the Year of the Dragon Collection will begin shipping February 19th and it will take orders from retailers through the end of March.

Photo Credits: Quality Importers Trading Company