Late in 2023, Rocky Patel Cigars released their most extravagant cigar to date, Conviction, which was announced at the 2023 PCA trade show.  The Conviction is a two country tobacco blend featuring tobaccos from Mexico and Nicaragua.  The Nicaraguan tobacco is from the Rocky Patel farms in  Condega and Esteli.  The Conviction features a double binder and a special Mexican San Andres wrapper leaf that was ferminated in a special fermentation process called Terciario that is used in Cuba.  Terciario process is where a bundle of tobacco is wrapped in the leaves of the Royal Palm tree which is a slower fermentation process that could take years to complete.  Rocky Patel selected the 4 best rollers in their factory and put them in pairs to specifically roll the the Conviction and limited them to only 250 cigars a day.  The Conviction only comes in one size, a toro.  The Conviction come in a 10 count box and is limited to 5000 boxes.  The MSRP is $100.00…, that wasn’t a typo.

From Rocky Patel:

The Conviction blend is a testament to our mastery in creating cigars that are rich in complexity and refinement. Meticulously crafted in our Nicaraguan Factory by our elite and seasoned rollers, ensuring that every draw is nothing short of exceptional. Limited to just 500 cigars per day, this small-batch cigar is a rare find that offers a smoking experience like no other.

Vitola:  Toro

Size:  6 1/2 x 52

Wrapper:  Terciario-fermentated Mexican San Andres

Binder:  Double binder from Jalapa, Nicaragua

Filler:  Nicaraguan (Condega and Esteli)

Factory:  Rocky Patel

MSRP:  $100.00

Final Score:  88