C.L.E. Core

At the 2024 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show, C.L.E. Cigar Company announced it is repackaging three blends that are a part of its core line of cigars. The changes are affecting the C.L.E. Connecticut, C.L.E. Corojo, and C.L.E. Habano lines.

According to a press release, company founder Christian Eiroa was inspired to make the change after hosting a C.L.E. event at The House of Grauer in Geneva, Switzerland. Specifically, it was the classic Cuban design of the lounge that inspired Christian Eiroa to make the change.

“The C.L.E. core line blends are cigars that we are immensely proud of, but I never felt the packaging presented the cigars in the right light. We decided to bring it back to basics, to another time,” commented Christian Eiroa.

The new bands and tissue paper used on the cigars have a nostalgic look. The packaging also includes newly designed wooden boxes. Inside the boxes, the cigars are presented in a half-wheel format.

The C.L.E. core lines come in twenty-five count boxes and in four vitolas:

  • 40 X 4 (SRP $8.76/cigar)
  • 50 x 5 (SRP $10.16/cigar)
  • 11/18 (SRP $10.66/cigar)
  • 54 X 6 (SRP $10.86/cigar)
  • 60 X 6 (SRP $11.16/cigar)

Photo Credits: C.L.E. Cigar Company