PCA 2024 Post Game Convention Day

Today we begin the first of our 2024 PCA Post Game Series as we recap the Convention Day. Convention Day is a recap of the activities of that take place before the Trade Show floor opens on March 23. This year it marked the 91st Annual Trade Show and Convention for the PCA. This year brought a new time of the year (March) and a change in venue (Las Vegas Convention Center). The opening day is the convention part of this event. This featured a premiere of a new hand rolled film, educational seminars, the annual meeting itself, the keynote speech, and opening party.

PCA 2024 Post Game Convention Day

I was wondering how the changes would be received. Other than a lot of construction around the convention center, this was a really good day for PCA as a whole. The change in time and venue seemed very well received. The lineup of activities was also very well received. I estimated about 300 people in attendance for the day.

PCA 2024 Post Game Convention Day

Hand Rolled: Tatuaje

The day kicked off with a rough cut of a portion of the Hand Rolled docuseries on Pete Johnson and Tatuaje. This was a little under an hour, and there is roughly another hour planned that was not shown.

PCA 2024 Post Game Convention Day

The show gave insights into Pete’s early days in the industry. This includes interviews with his parents and friends both inside and outside the industry. It also included a segment on George Brightman and his influence on Pete. We got A look at Pete’s warehouse and rarities collections as well as Pete’s days at the Grand Havana room in Los Angeles. The story of Pete’s mom and the tattoos is legendary. We also get some insights into his meeting with Pepin as well the García Family story. This included the story of Pete’s wife leaving Cuba.

La Aurora Pairing Seminar

Manuel Inoa, Master Blender of La Aurora led a pairing seminar. The cigar included the La Aurora 125th Anniversary and E. Leon Jimenes rum. Manuel talked the cigar portion while Francisco Jimenes talked about the rum piece.

PCA 2024 Post Game Convention Day

PCA 2024 Post Game Convention Day


Connecticut River Valley Presentation with Nick Melillo

Nick Melillo of Foundation Cigar Company followed up with a seminar. He went into his background, the history of tobacco, and a history of tobacco in Connecticut. While it was a history lesson, it was quite informative and I found this to be very enjoyable.

PCA 2024 Post Game Convention Day

Annual  Meeting

Things moved on to the business of the PCA with the 91st Annual Meeting. Jay Davis and Todd Johnson were re-elected to the PCA Board as retail members. Mike Gold and Lissette Perez-Carrillo were elected as Associate Board members. The PCA presented its financials and it indicates a strong trend.



Total Revenues



Total Expenses



Operating Income



They highlighted several state advocacy impacts, including the advocacy grant program and the fact no state tobacco taxes were passed. More local advocacy programs are planned. The Federal advocacy was highlighted including the FDA wins, and plans to fight the FDA appeal. At the global level, they reaffirmed the challenge of generational smoking bans.

PCA 2024 Post Game Convention Day


Keynote Address: Jorge Padrón

After a short break, the Padrón Keynote followed. Charlotte Retailer Craig Cass introduced Jorge Padrón who delivered the keynote. Jorge reflected on his father José Orlando Padrón and the values both he and his father shared. He also shared some of the history of the company. Jorge noted that many had not met or heard his father speak. A interview was done 12 years ago on José Padrón, that was shown. In addition, there was an interview with Jorge Padrón where there were additional reflections. The video showed a couple of shots of the Padrón 60th cigar. The keynote finished with Jorge Padrón recognizing the Padrón family. The details were not disclosed on the 60th.

Panel Discussion

Things transitioned to a panel discussion with Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, Tim Ozgener, and Jon Huber hosted by David Savona.

Opening Party

This led into the opening night party hosted by E.P. Carrillo, Crowned Heads, and Ozgener Family Cigars. There is a common bond as Ernesto’s Casa Carrillo factory produces cigars for Crowned Heads and Ozgener. The opening gala needs more work. The party has too much of an industrial feel. It lost some of the energy with last year’s lineup of Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, Espinosa Cigars, Quality Importers, and Room101. It was nice not to see the lines, but I really think the party could use a boost.

That brought the close to the Convention Day of the 2024 PCA Trade Show, thus bringing our post-game for this day a close. Our coverage moves on to the Trade Show itself.