S.T. Dupont Notre Dame

At the 2024 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show, S.T. Dupont showcased a new offering under its Haute Creation series, the Notre Dame de Paris. The Haute Collection series contains S.T. Dupont’s most limited and most ultra-premium offerings.

The Notre Dame de Paris Haute Creation pays homage to the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. In 2019, a fire that broke out during the restoration process caused significant damage. The Cathedral is scheduled to reopen on December 8, and this new Haute Collection pays homage to it.

The collection offers a Le Grand lighter and a fountain pen, each with a base. A total of 88 lighters and 88 pens are produced, each with a serial number. Elements in each collection include red and white bronze, silver plating, and patina. A high-resistance ceramic lacquer is used. In addition, a special S.T. Dupont lacquer is used for stained glass.

Pricing for each individual lighter and pen comes in at $16,950.00