Tatuaje Cojonú 2012 Corojo San Andres

At the 2024 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show, Tatuaje Cigars introduced a San Andres (Tuxtla) and Corojo wrapper offering to its Cojonú 2012 line. This brings the total number of blends in the Cojonu 2012 line to five.

In addition to the San Andres and Corojo wrappers, the Cojonú 2012 San Andres and Cojonú 2012 Corojo feature all Nicaraguan tobaccos. Both cigars are in the same box-pressed 6 1/2 x 52 format as the Sumatra (Capa Especial), Broadleaf (Reserva), and Habano offerings. The two new Cojonú 2012 offerings are priced at $13.00 SRP/cigar

One thing that is changing is that all five Cojonú 2012 offerings will now be presented in 21-count cabinet boxes. Previously, the three existing Cojonú 2012 offerings were in 25-count boxes. Tatuaje also says the 21-count boxes will be implemented across the Tatuaje 7th offerings.

Finally, the new San Andres and Corojo offerings are available in a 24-count limited edition package resembling a book. This offering is called “The Cojonu Two 12’s Second Edition”. This book will open up and contain 12 Cojonú 2012 San Andrés cigars on one side and 12 Cojonú 2012 Corojo cigars on the other. The “Second Edition” name comes from this not being the first time Tatuaje has packaged Cojonú 2012 in a book. In 2012, the Cojonú 2012 Sumatra (Capa Especial) and Cojonú 2012 Reserva (Broadleaf) were released as the original “Cojonu Two 12s“. Tatuaje estimates that about 1,000 copies of the Cojonu Two 12’s Second Edition will be available.

The Cojonú 2012 is the first Cojonú line to receive the San Andres and Corojo wrapped offerings.

Photo Credits: Cigar Coop, except where noted