PCA 2024 El Mago

El Mago Cigars was one of the first-time exhibitors at PCA 2024. Launched in 2022, Owner Nick FuscoNi created the cigar company as a tribute to his grandparents, Maria and Gonzalo Torre, who died together on June 24, 2021, in Miami, Florida, when their building, The Champlain Towers, suddenly collapsed in the middle of the night. When he established the company, Nick became the youngest owner of a premium cigar company at age 23. In a short time, he has established an impressive portfolio of cigars. The packaging of the cigars pays homage to his grandparents. This year, El Mago showed off a new limited-edition cigar, Solstice. One unusual thing about the brand is that much of the portfolio’s offerings are packaged in tubes. This is another homage to his grandfather, who loved smoking cigars that came in tubes.

Solstice is a limited edition offering. El Mago has produced only 1,000 14-count boxes. Fusco has referred to the blend as a “thin toro” measuring 6 x 48. The blend uses a Nicaraguan-grown Sumatra wrapper over an Ecuadorian Habano binder. The filler for Solstice is all Nicaraguan tobacco. Like many of El Mago’s current offerings, each cigar is packaged in a tube. The El Mago Solstice has a price point of $12.00 SRP/cigar. The cigar has arrived at retailers.

Interview with Nick Fusco, El Mago Cigars, on Prime Time Episode 303

While we didn’t get a chance to interview Nick at PCA, we talked to Nick shortly after PCA as he was a guest on Prime Time Episode 303.

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