QI Cigar Caddy Cigar Tubes

Quality Importers Trading Company (QI) has announced that its Cigar Caddy Cigar Tubes, launched at the 2024 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show, are now available.

Cigar Tubes are an option for storing cigars on the go. Made of Black ABS material, they are both weatherproof and crushproof. Each features a textured finish to help prevent scuffs and scratches and to provide a sure grip while handling. The units can hold cigars up to a 64-ring gauge. They all feature an internal locking mechanism. Cigar Tubes are available in a one-count or three-count option. Cigar Caddy Cigar Tubes are also customizable through the QI Swag Bunker.

For more details on Cigar Caddy Cigar Tubes, see our 2024 PCA Pre-Game coverage:

Quality Importers Trading Co Introduces Cigar Caddy Cigar Tubes | Cigar News