This is a terrible defeat and it is very scary for cigar enthusiasts. Among the bans include private cigar clubs. I guess its ok for Savannah to still collect taxes on tobacco, but they don’t want you to enjoy it.

I have personally written Mayor Otis Johnson of Savannah and informed him if this ban passes, I will not visit his city anymore (I would stop there on frequent drives to Jacksonville).  This means a complete ban.  Namely, I won’t stop for gasoline in Savannah.  I won’t stop for food in Savannah.  I’m boycotting the city as a whole.   I feel bad for the good people in the city, but maybe they will get the message and vote these clowns out of office who passed this legislation.

I will honor that promise. Cigar Enthusiasts need to remember this in your local voting booth….non Cigar fans, once they have tobacco, they won’t stop till they control all aspects of your life.  

Folks, we are in a war right now.  Your rights are being threatened here to enjoy a legal product.   You must remember this in November.

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