So folks, I’ve been asked about putting a scoring system on my cigar ratings.  I think a lot of people can do this better than me, but I have come-up with an assessment system that I’m thinking of putting on my cigar reviews going forward.  I will not assess a “Pre-Review” cigar as these reviews will require a more detailed analysis.

So without further adieu, here are the tentative assessments, subject to change.

1.Pass – This is a cigar that I would pass on…in other words, I really don’t like it.

2.See What You Think – Meaning I didn’t love the cigar, but didn’t hate it either. This doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t like it.

3.Nice to Have – Meaning I give this cigar a favorable rating and I would buy and smoke the cigar as part of my regular, everyday smokes.

4.Memorable Cigar – Something special was brought to the table with this cigar.  In other words a very good cigar and one I would highly recommend.

5.Hall of Fame – Meaning this cigar is of historic proportions in terms of its quality and smoke.