This question came from my good friend John.  Thanks John for some of the great “Cigar 102” suggestions and I will keep them coming. 

Q: Should I leave the cellophane on my cigar wrapper or take it off?
A: I hate to use that standard consulting answer, but “it depends”.   This could be almost a religious war in the cigar world.  I’m in the minority of a lot of people.  I usually recommend leaving them on.

Many recommend taking the cellophane off.   This allows the cigar to have to age quicker by allowing some “air flow” and to absorb some of the humidification.   However that absorption of the humidification can be a double-edged sword – namely when you recharge your humidification device.  Sometimes moisture does leak out and you run the risk of getting your cigars wet.   I find keeping cigars in cellophane – particularly by the device protect them better.

Cellophane on
Cellophane Off

The other advantage to leaving cellophane on is that if you store different brands of cigars in a humidor, it is possible for one cigar to start to absorb the flavors of another.  By keeping the cellophane on, you can protect your flavor of the cigar and prevent this absorption from happening.

If you are like me and aren’t perfect with recharging your humidification device and mix brands in the humidor, my advice is – leave it on.   I’ve not had any issues with flavor, burn, or aging with any of my sticks, so I recommend it.