Yes folks, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, the Pleasure Police exist in Minnesota.  We all know Minnesota has their problems.  Poor Vikings fans have to deal with a wacky coach named Brad Childress.  They also have to endure the weekly drama of a complete cry-baby and disgrace of a quarterback named Brett Favre.  The NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves have also not been doing so well.    So obviously life has been tough in the Great North.

I’ve heard Cigar Dave refer to the Pleasure Police as miserable people.  I could not agree with him more….just get a load of what they want to do now.

The City of Minneapolis has a proposed bill to ban tobacco sampling at retail tobacco shops.   This could be catastrophic for the tobacco industry – and in particular for cigar enthusiasts.  Could you imagine the impact this would have?  One of the most unique things about the cigar industry is the ability to go to a cigar event at your local store and sample new products.  It is what distinguishes the cigar industry from probably just about any other industry in the world.  These are how we as cigar enthusiasts get introduced to new products, meet the Rock Stars of the Cigar World, and have a litttle fun at the same time.    This would be devastating for cigar distributors and cigar retailers in the city of Minneapolis.   People will go elsewhere for events – and people may go elsewhere for cigars.  What logic can the Pleasure Police have – other than that they are miserable people to do this?

What is more scary, if this can happen in Minneapolis, could other places me next?   Could you imagine if Mike Bloomberg in New York gets a hold of this one?

This is an urgent action that needs to be signed.   As always, I ask 15 seconds of your time to sign this one.  I’m not sure of the timing of this, but isn’t this ironic that this happens right after election day.   Remember folks in Minneapolis, I hope you held your politicians accountable.

The link to the petition is here on the Cigar Rights of America Web Site.  Cigar Enthusiasts – please join the CRA!!