As I approach the announcement of 2010 Cigar of the Year and runner-up, I thought it would be interesting to see what other people are listing as their top cigars.  Everyone had different criteria.  While some people included Cubans, I opted not to since they are not generally available.

The amazing thing is how different each of these lists are.   I’ll try to put some more up as I find them.  While not of these lists are wrong, we all know the Cigar Coop Top 30 is the most accurate 🙂   Seriously, it is how all of our lists differ that make this stuff so much fun.

Cigar CoopTop 30 Cigars of 2010 with #1 named as the Avo LE 10.

Tom’s Cigars Lists Top 5 and names Quesada Tributo #1 stick

Cigar FeedLists Top 8 and names Tatuaje Pork Tenderloin #1 stick

A Cigar Smoker’s JournalHas a fan picked Top 10 and names La Aurora 107 #1 stick and their Top 15 for 2010 naming the My Father Limited Edition 2010 #1

Classic CigarLists Top 10 and names Punch Churchill #1 stick

Tiki Bar Online – Two Lists:  Lists 7 Cigars in no particular order as new cigar picks for 2010, and a Top Ten in two parts: Picks 4-10 and Picks 1-3 naming Guillermo Leon Signature as the #1 stick

Toasted Foot Has a Top 10 list and distinguishes that from a Top 5 New Release List;  the Tatuaje El Truinfador is named the #1 stick.

Casa FumandoHas a  Top 10 list and names the recently released La Sirena as the #1 stick

Cigar Nut Also Top 10 list and names Cohiba Robusto the #1 stick

AskMen.comHas a “slideshow” like Top 10 and names Cohiba Sublime the #1 stick

HavacigarLists Top 10 and names Davidoff Puro d’Oro #1 stick

Scott Smyth’s World of Cigars –  Lists a Top 10 and has a Three-Way Tie for #1.

Fire Up That Cigar – Lists Top 25 and names Tatuaje Reserva J21 as the #1 stick.

Mike’s Stogies – Lists Top 10 and names Illusione Eperney as the #1 stick. Lists five sticks in no particular order as Best New Cigars of 2010  and a Top 20 smoke list for 2010.

CigarFan.netLists Top 10 Sticks for 2010 and names Benji Menendez Partagas Master Series Majestuoso as the #1 stick.

Puffing Cigars Lists a Top 10 in no particular order. 

Smoking StogieLists Cigars 10 to 6 and separately lists 5 to 1 naming Liga Privada Dirty Rat as the #1 stick.

Nice Tight Ash Might have had the most intriguing list, there is a Top 12 list and the #1 Cigar is the Viaje Satori!

Cigar BlogHas a Top 10 list and names the Tatauje Face as its Top Cigar.

Top Ten Cigars Has (of course) a Top Ten list and names the Padron 44th Anniversary as its top Cigar. 

Stogie Review – Has several lists:   Don has a list of Top 10 cigars and names Tatuaje Verocu #5 as the #1 cigar; Walt has a Top 10 and names Liga Privada T52 Flying Pig #1; Mike has an unordered list of 10 Cigars for 2010; Brian has a Top 10 list and names J.Fuego Reserva Corojo as the Top Cigar;

The World According to StewHas a Top 10 list and names Liga Privada #9 Robusto Oscuro as the #1 cigar.

The Good Life Diaries – Michael Herklots, General Manager of Davidoff of Geneva discusses 10 new cigars that had an impact hitting the shelves in 2010.